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Orchidea Sport Village is located within the modern and multifunctional sports center Le Gocce in Gussago, situated at the foot of the hill Barbisone, known to most people as the “Monte della Santissima”, in the splendid setting of the Parco delle Colline and of Franciacorta, one of the richest and most beautiful areas of whole Lombardy, thanks to artistic and landscape heritage at the top of which, among the white terraces of dry limestone and the orderly vineyards, stands the Santissima of Gussago, a former Dominican convent whose profile is defined by merlons, pinnacles and turrets whose history is full of art and magic.
The restaurant is built on one floor inside which there are two spacious and comfortable rooms whose sliding glass doors in summer create a wonderful ensemble between the interiors and the beautiful outdoor located near the summer park and the outdoor Olympic swimming pool. In summer you can eat in the elegant outdoor area, thus enjoying a beautiful view of the “Monte della Santissima” and the surrounding vineyards that are an ornament to the landscape.
As to characteristics and location the Orchidea Sport Village has some new features with respect to the services traditionally offered by the Restaurant Orchidea to its customers: in addition to food and beverage service we have a renovated café and pastry shop where you can find the classical fresh croissants as well as some of the traditional Neapolitan desserts to be enjoyed for breakfast or a snack in the coffee room where wide windows directly overlook the swimming pool.

Not only that, every day from 18 to 20 Orchidea Sport Village offers “the Happy Hour”, to enjoy a drink, alone or in company, with the possibility to help themselves to the rich and varied buffet: from simple appetizers to other more substantial dishes, mostly cold, with pasta and risotto with vegetables, but also warm dishes cooked in many different ways and in any case in the name of convenience: tomato, pesto sauce, meat sauce, but also fanciful and extravagant recipes. All for the price of a simple cocktail.
Besides being an ideal and accessible location for all situations: from the essential all-inclusive business lunch to the romantic dinner, from the high level specifically designed business meeting to important receptions, from the festive companies to the simple parties, Orchidea Sport Village in order to better meet the needs of the customers organizes on demand birthday parties and children’s entertainment with clowns, juggles and inflatable games; and sports themed evenings both on occasion of Major Events to watch passionately on a big screen, and on occasion of Amateurs Sports Events of “our home” where passion and being together are still the best win... See you there!